iMAG!NEx ‘19

iMAG!NEx ‘19

The association of Computer science and engineering “TACS” named “iMAG!NEx” was inaugurated on 14th November, 2019 for the academic year of 2019-20 by the chief guest Prof. Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair, Professor of Computer Science, (Head of Department of Computational Biology & Bio-informatics, University of Kerala. The inauguration started with a recitation from the Holy Quran by Mr.kaliliul rahman , 2nd year computer science & engineering. Program Coordinator Mr. Sufyan P, Assistant Professor delivered the cordial welcome address. The head of Department of computer science and engineering and Dean of research, Dr. Abdul Gafoor gave the Presidential address. Principal Dr. G Ramesh, Director Prof. Dr. V H Abdul Salam, Associate professor and Dean of academics Mr. Sreeram S also addressed the program.

Computer science and engineering department technical magazine “BLOB” 2 nd edition in theme “Artificial intelligence” was released by the chief guest. After the inaugural function, Prof. Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair, chief guest of the day delivered a technical talk on topic “Convolutional neural network” (CNN). He described the importance of (CNN) in recent days and he also pointed out various challenges and experiences related to this topic and the students were highly benefited by his lecture. After finishing his lecture, students asked many questions and ended with an interactive session. Also based his talk technical quiz preliminary round conducted.

In the afternoon various technical events were conducted in different venues such as technical treasure hunt named “ Capture The Flag” Organized by Mohammed Rafi and Nihal, S5 CS1 at Network lab of CSE Department, FIFA Inter department competition Organized by Neeraj and Mohammed Shaheen from S5 CS2 at CSE Lecture hall,
Workshop on web development tools Organized by Jasim Annikadan, S5 CS1 at CCF lab, Main block. Class wise group activity conducted at main block seminar hall organized by Mahshooq A.K, S7 CS1 and Sahla T, S7 CS2 under the supervison of Najla musthafa, Ismail P.K, Kasim K, Assistant porfessor. All the four events were conducted in parallel. After which final round of technical Quiz was conducted. Augmented reality demonstration was done by Asif mukathar, S5 CS1 and also Neeraj P, S5 CS2 Presented an introduction to Microsoft Student Partner. Then certificates were distributed to students those who won the competitions such as FIFA, CTF and Technical quiz.

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