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Department of Mathematical Science

 “Excellence, Integrity, Leadership & Innovation”


The Department of Mathematical Science (DMS for Short) at the MEA Engineering College is the center for Mathematical Education and Research in Pure & Applied Mathematics and also in Statistics. The department has important role in all other branches of engineering

The department conduct courses on Engineering Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Complex Analysis. Ordinary and Partial Differential Equation, Discrete Computational Structures, Probability and Estimation theory for the B. Tech Level. Stochastic Process (including Queuing theory, Markov chain process and Network analysis), Advanced Probability theory, Functional & Tensor Analysis, Mathematical modeling and advanced linear Algebra for M. Tech Level. As a result of the sincere effort of the DMS team, the department has been consistently obtaining excellent results, with many students scoring 100% marks in their Mathematics Papers.

          As the department offers courses in support of other under graduate and Post graduate degree programs, our mission is to make sure that these courses are taught at a high standard and meet the needs of those programs. The Department constitute of highly qualified and well experienced faculty members with highly research oriented ability.

The department is headed by Mr. Sadiquali A, Asst Prof. Mathematics M Sc, B Ed, SET. Number of Assistant Professors: 11, M. Phil. holders : 01 Ph.D. holder: 01 and M. Phil. holders : 04

Dr Sadiquali A.

Assistant Professor and Head

Department of Mathematical Science
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+91 9495488810


To impart quality education to students and motivate them to apply the various mathematical techniques in their respective fields by providing innovative and high quality instruction with a team of superb faculty members.


To provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical applications and to provide the best quality instruction in Mathematical Science education for every student and build up the students’ reasoning and analytical skills.

Objectives and Goals

“Excellence, Integrity, Leadership & Innovation”

  • Develop and enhance the students’ problem solving skills.
  • Achieve 100% pass in mathematical courses for the coming academic years.
  • Encourage and reinforce the critical thinking skills of the students.
  • Make every faculty member attain Ph.D. through the quality improvement programme and promote research publications by them, yearly.
  • Provide an environment which will help all faculty members to achieve their professional endeavors in teaching, research and their professional goals.
  • Provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive both among the students and the faculty members.
  • Organize international /national conferences and seminars on current mathematical developments which will be of benefit to the students, staff members and community.
  • Organize quality improvement programmes/faculty improvement programmes for faculty members of various engineering colleges.

Courses Offered for B.Tech. Programmes

  1. MA101Calculus 2015 Scheme
  2. MA102 Differential Equations 2015 Scheme
  3. MAT101 Calculus 2019 Scheme
  4. MAT102 Vector Calculus 2019 Scheme
  5. MA201 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis
  6. MA202 Probability Distributions, Transforms and Numerical Methods
  7. CS201 Discrete Computational Structures
  8. MA204 Probability, Random Processes and Numerical Methods
  9. CS309 Graph Theory and Combinatorics

Courses Offered for M.Tech. Programme (CSE / PED / ECE)::

  1. 09EC6211 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  2. 09CS6111 Stochastic Process and Queuing Theory
  3. 09EE63 41 Advanced Mathematics

Graph Theory- Domination and path related parameters

Published more than 7 research articles from the area concerned.

Faculty Development Program on Teaching Excellence and Methodology 2014

National Conference on Advances in Mathematical and Mechanical Engineering (NCAMME '19)


Dr Sunil Mathew
Department of Mathematics
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