Brief About

Department of Science & Humanities

Year of Establishment: 2002
Faculty Strength: 16

One among the first departments of MEA Engineering College, the Department of Science & Humanities is an unavoidable role player of the institution.  It includes the disciplines of Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, English, Economics and Management. Guidance and Counselling, Personal Training and Physical Education also come under the department.

In the UG level of engineering programmes, the department offers courses in Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, English & Communication Skills in the first & second semesters, Business Economics and Life Skills in the third & fourth semesters and Management courses in the fifth and sixth semesters.

Being in the department of importance, the faculty members actively involve in the curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular activities on and off the campus. The very department monitors the first year of B.Tech. programme.

Mr Shamsudheen V. P.

Assistant Professor

Basic Science & Humanities
[email protected]
+91 9995346588


  • Promotion of Applied Science to the next level, by imparting in the best way, which helps the students to develop their thinking skills to be hopeful social engineers.
  • Make the students the exact professionals with ethics and humanity which makes the subjects perfect citizens and employable.


  • Imparting the most effective and interactive teaching learning sessions to strengthen the realm of practical thinking.
  • Providing sessions for the development of professionalism and professional communication.


The department objectives are as follow,

  • To promote Basic Science courses in Engineering
  • To make the students highly social committed with ethics and humanity
  • To develop the personal and professional competencies of students

Engineering Chemistry

The objective of the course is to impart a scientific approach and familiarization of the applications of chemistry in the field of technology and to create awareness about the major environmental issues for sustainable development.

Engineering Physics

The department, through Engineering Physics provides a sound scientific base for all engineering disciplines in their I and II semester. The courses of the II semester are designed to serve the needs for a particular branch of engineering. The department has well equipped lab for under graduate students, where experiments are designed to broaden the practical skills related to various branches of engineering and technology.


The objective of the course is to make the students understand their engineering ideas par to market trends, to provide knowledge in identifying a proper market area where they can implement their own start-up ideas and to motivate the students in relating engineering knowledge to managerial economics.

English & Communication Skills

The objective of the courses is to provide soft skills to the students and to provide a favorable environment which will motivate the students to achieve their fullest possible potential for self-development in various aspects of language and communication skills for success in their professional and social lives. 


The objective of the course is to enable the students to critically evaluate the current market ideologies in today’s markets. Equips the students for the cultivation of good management expertise and thereby accepting the challenging business environment with their innovative ideas in engineering.

Engineering Chemistry Lab

The lab helps the UG students to apply and demonstrate the theoretical concepts of Engineering Chemistry. A student strength of 40 can be accommodated for single session. Major equipment in the lab are PH Meter, Calorimeter, Flash & Fire Point Detector, etc.

Engineering Physics Lab

The lab helps to have hands on experience of the theoretical principles of Engineering Physics, through measurements of physical quantities. Quantitative measurements of the real world will be introduced through the laboratory experiments.

Language Lab

The language lab, though WORDSWORTH English Language Lab software provides scopes for the students to understand and practice the real life uses and usages of English language. LSRW concept is followed through the PREP 1, PREP 2 and PREP 3 stages.

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Language Lab