MEA NSS | UNIT 110 >> COVID 19

The National Service Scheme unit 110 of MEA Engineering College has been conducting various programmes during the menace of the ongoing Covid ’19. 

The NSS unit has been working with the District Collectorate Malappuram and the District Medical Office Malappuram. The unit has been working since 17th March 2020 and completed 65 continuous days so far as on May 20, 2020. We think no other NSS unit has volunteered this much long duration at any time in any disaster.  Majorly four fields have been under our volunteership as explained below.

Contact Tracing at District Medical Office and District Collectorate

The volunteers have been actively engaging in tracing the primary and secondary contacts which came from abroad. As many as 20000 contacts have been traced and more than 7000 persons have been called and personally advised. The technical support and call center is continuing even after 65 days.

The volunteers helped the transport department and RTO Malappuram in issuing pass to vehicles which carry goods. As many as 1200 passes have been issued so far with the technical help of our volunteers.

All the activities are carried out by the leadership of the volunteer secretary of the NSS Unit Mr Mohammed Shaffaf KM, and the senior volunteers Mr Rakesh PM, Mr Mohammed Shafeeq P, Mr Amjad Shajahan, Mr Mohammed Saeed under the guidance of the NSS PO Mr Faisal CH.

Self Monitoring App for Affected and Isolated Persons

‘Contact Health’ is a monitoring app used by the people who are under observation for the time period of 14-28 days. 

The contact has to login to the app using the credentials. After that they have 4 options, one is to update their health status by selecting the symptoms that they are having right now. The users must have to update their health status at least twice a day. Second option is to add their closest one if they are under observation, to add them, the user have to use the specific credential of that person. This feature is added in this app to update the closest one’s health status within a single device. Another option is to view the members that are added under the user. The last option is a helpline contact to provide emergency contact with the admins or to report any issue.

Spirit of Volunteering | Big Salute for the Team behind 🙂

The volunteers joined hands with the Health Department and Armed Police in screening the passengers came by flights from different countries. 

Portable automatic sanitizer dispenser

A low cost portable automatic sanitizer dispenser has been developed by the Electronics and Communication Engineering R&D wing e- nauka. The sanitizer dispenser uses simple electronics based on IR proximity sensing and switching which makes the device more simple and cost effective. IR proximity sensor has been designed, developed and customized by our R&D wing. This machine is suitable for both indoor/outdoor operation unlike normal IR- proximity devices.

Installation in Government Offices

The portable automatic sanitizer dispenser have been installed in various government and private offices across the state.