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National Service Scheme works with the motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” and its aim is personality development through social service.


National Service Scheme Technical Cell Unit functions at the college as unit number 110. The unit is controlled by Mr Muhammed Ranees K T, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering as the Programme Officer from 16 th January 2023 onwards. The volunteer strength of the unit is 100 and they are from second and third years. Mr Sanad of third year Civil Engineering and Ms Muhsira T of third year Civil Engineering are the volunteer secretaries of the unit during 2022-23.

In the academic year 2016-17, for the outstanding contributions to the social service and welfare, the unit and the Programme Officer Mr. Faisal CH have received special appreciation awards and the best volunteer award is bagged by Mr Ajmal PK of final year Civil engineering, from the Directorate of Technical Education, Kerala.



As per the present regulations of the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University and the Directorate of Technical Education, volunteership starts from first year and ends only in the final year, which is from S1 to S8. The first year students will be in pre volunteership and the final years will be in post volunteership periods. So the enrolment of volunteers is for the second and the third years for their activity hours.

Every year, the unit has an intake of 50 volunteers (25 boys and 25 girls), for which the unit receives almost 200 applications. Selection of volunteers will be done only after rounds of selection processes including aptitude tests, group discussions, developmental job assignments, etc.



The selected volunteers should have to work for 240 hours the minimum during S3 to S6 (120 hours each) to be eligible for the NSS Volunteer Certificate. 120 hours are split into 70 hours of community hours, 30 hours of campus works and 20 hours of NSS orientations a year. Apart from these activities, every volunteer should have to attend a seven day’s special camp the minimum which is conducted off campus. The unit also organizes mini camping programme on the campus to mould the students to be real NSS volunteers.

Mr Muhammed Ranees K. T.

Assistant Professor

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MEA NSS Techincal Cell Unit: No 110

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MEA NSS Technical Cell

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  1. AICTE award for implementation for SAGY project (2017)
  2. State level first in the street play on the theme gender equality (2017)
  3. Special Appreciation Award for the Unit (2016-17, from the Directorate of Technical Education).
  4. Special Appreciation Award for the Programme Officer Mr. Faisal CH (2016-17, from the Directorate of Technical Education).
  5. The Best Volunteer Award for Mr. Ajmal PK of Final Year Civil Engineering (2016-17, from the Directorate of Technical Education).
  6. Appreciation Award for the Unit for Conducting Punarjjani Camp at Manjeri Government Medical College (2016-17, from Dr Thomas Isaac, the Finance Minister of Kerala).
  7. Appreciation Award for the Unit for Conducting Punarjjani Mini Camp at Community Health Centre, Puzhakkattiry (2016-17, from the Kerala State Government).
  8. Sambodh Foundation Award for Social Welfare for the Programme Officer Mr Faisal CH (2017-18).
  9. Sambodh Foundation Award for Young Social Servant for Mr Ajmal PK of Final Year Civil Engineering (2017-18).
  10. Theruvoram destitute care award for the best NSS unit in Kerala 2017
  11. The Kerala Chief Minister’s appreciation award for effectively involved in flood rehabilitation and rescue works (2019).
  12. The Malappuram district collector’s award for flood rehabilitation works (2019).
  13. Appreciation award from the NSS Technical Cell for donating the most


NSS Palliative Care Day Programme (15-01-2020)

As part of the Palliative Care Day, the NSS volunteers engaged in a fundraising programme at Melattur in association with the Melattur Palliative Care Clinic. The volunteers managed to collect ₹ 72000/-

Special Camping Programme

The special camping programme for the year 2019-20 has been conducted at AMLPS Angadippuram. The project was making GIS Map of Angadippuram Grama Panjayat. The volunteers made GIS Map of 10 different wards of the panjayath. The camp was from 21st to 27th of December 2019.

Kerala Flood Relief Activities

The NSS unit of the college has actively involved in the rescue and rehabilitation activities to the people who have been affected with flood, in August 2019. The volunteers also participated in material collection and distribution based in Malappuram District Collectorate Collection Point. The date of activity was from 9th August 2019- 18th August 2019. The coordination of the programme has even brought the attention of national media as well.

International Literacy Day

On account of international literacy day, the volunteers were given training on Interview Literacy. The session has been handled by the PRO and Placement Officer Mr Baiju BS.

Session on Physical Fitness

On 21/09/2019, the volunteers were given a session of Physical Fitness, Basic Exercise and Healthy Food Habits. The session has been handled by the PO Mr Faisal CH.

Mini Camping Programme

To train the new NSS volunteers of the unit, the unit arranged a mini camping programme on 15/11/2019 to 17/11/2019. The camp has been inaugurated by the ADM Mr NM Meharali and it included various sessions on orientation to NSS, Sessions on Snaked and First Aids, Mapathon, etc.

Blood Donation Camp

In association with the Blood Bank, Perinthalmanna, a blood donation camp has been arranged on the campus on 18/22/2019. The camp was inaugurated by the Principal Dr G Ramesh and 66 units of blood has been donated

Pre Camp Orientation

In order to make the students aware of the upcoming special camping programme, a meeting has been conducted at the civil Engineering Seminar Hall on 18/12/2019. The session has been handled by the PO and the Volunteer Secretaries.

Health Awareness Programme (14/04/2019)

The volunteers visited the nearby colony and gave awareness sessions and distributed pamphlets related to the contagious diseases during the summer season and also made the people aware of sun burn.

Renovation of Home (23/03/2019)

The volunteers renovated home for a destitute and patient at Njaval. The home was painted and electrified by the volunteers. The owner is a lady named Mannil Cheriya Pathumma, who resides opposite to the college.

GIS Mapping Workshop (28/02/2019)

A GIS Mapping workshop has been conducted on the campus for the NSS volunteers. The volunteers Mr Minhaj Mohammed and Mr Mohammed Rashid led the session. The venue of the programme was CAD Lab of Civil Engineering Department.

Green Campus Programme (29/12/2018)

The volunteers engaged in a green campus initiative at GLPS Parakkalmukk where they did the Special Camping Programme. They collected the plastic bottles and wastes from the campus and made hanging gardens for effective management of plastic wastes.

First Aid and Trauma Care Training (15/10/2018)

In association with the Fire and Rescue Department, the NSS Unit conducted a programme on the theme Fire and Rescue and Quick Response. The volunteers were given training on how to respond to fire hazards and the ways of giving first aid to the affected people. Remedial measures on burns, gas leakage, drowning, response at accident spots, etc. were included in the training session.

The programme has been led by the Fire and Rescue Department, Perinthalmanna.

Old Age Home Visit (10/03/&07/04/2019)

The volunteers visited and donated food at the nearby old age home Aakasaparavakal on two different occasions and donated food for the inmates.

Republic Day & Railway Station Renovation (26/01/2019)

The republic day programme of the year had been observed at the Pattikkad Railway station and the volunteers engaged in cleaning and painting activities at the area. The direction boards and platform were cleaned and the destination boards were painted by the volunteers.

Palliative Care Day (15/01/2019)

Palliative Care Day had been observed by the NSS volunteers in association with the Melattur Palliative Care Clinic. The volunteers engaged in fund raising programme in and around Melattur area, for cancer patients.

National Engineer’s Day (15/09/2018)

The birth day of sir M Viswesarayya has been observed on the campus as it is the National Engineer’s Day. The volunteers made posters and fixed at different notice boards.

Anti-Ragging Programme (08/08/2018)

The NSS activities of the academic year 2018-19 has been started with the Anti Ragging session and was given to the volunteers and students from third semester. The session has been arranged in association with the Taluk Legal Services Authority. Adv. Hareesh had handled the session and the Principal Dr Rajin M Linus inaugurated the session.

Stem Cell Detection Programme (01/04/2019)

In association with DATRI, the NSS unit conducted a stem cell detection and donation programme on the campus. 1300 students from the college had attended the programme. The coordinator of DATRI Ms Athulya handled the session.

ODF Programme/ Toilet Pit Making (02&03/02/2019)

The NSS volunteers actively engaged in the making of toilet pit for a nearby housing colony. The very colony contains five settlements.

Blood Donation Camp (11/01/2019 & 15/03/2019)

Two blood donation camps have been conducted at the college in association with the Blood Donors Kerala and Government Blood Bank, Perinthalmanna. A total of 100 units of blood have been donated through these camps. The camps had been inaugurated by the principal Dr Rajin M Linus.

Kerala Flood Relief Activities (14-22/08/2018)

The NSS unit had actively participated in the flood rescue, relief and rehabilitation activities during the great flood lashed Kerala. The volunteers on active through the dates 14th August to 22nd August 2018. Volunteers visited different flood affected areas, camps and they were the coordinators of relief materials distribution at the district collectorate.

School Renovation Programme (22-28/12/2018)

The NSS volunteers, as part of their Special camping Programme for the year 2018-19, conducted a school renovation programme at GLPS Parakkalmukk. The unit renovated the school buildings by painting and other maintenance works. A garden has been made on the school campus.

Observation of Specially Abled Day (03/12/2018)

The Specially Abled Day has been observed by the NSS volunteers at Rahma Special School, Melattur. The volunteers provided food for the inmates of the school.