This Tech Commune can do the following services to our College:

  1. Team can do wonderful inter disciplinary projects for competitions and exhibitions.
  2. Team can provide all type of technical support for all events of our campus. Like:
    1. Photography
    2. Documentation
    3. Venue Arrangement
    4. Poster Designing
  3. Workshops / Technical Coaching’s for Students
  4. Research and Development

Proposed method of selection of students and working style of the team:

  1. Campus Networking Center + interested Faculty members constitutes the expert committee
  2. Interested Students have to demonstrate his/her talents in front of expert committee.
  3. Students can present their innovative ideas in front of expert committee, and committee can recommend selected projects for the financial assistance from college/IEDC.

Proposed mode of working

  1. Proper guidance to the interested students by internal / external experts
  2. Frequent Workshops / hand on section based on some technology background
  3. Inter disciplinary mode of operation | all engineering department will coordinate the proposed project works.
  4. Always try to conduct programs on holidays / without disturbing their regular academics.

MEAEC Tech Commune is a community of Tech Aspirant students & faculty members.

Team up of students & faculty members will create wonderful presentable projects for the competitions as well as this team will provide best services for our campus.

MEAEC Campus Networking Center will be leading this Technical Expert Team of Students and Faculty Members.

Proposed strategy for faculty mentors

  1. Interested Faculty can become the mentor any time (No number limit for Departments)
  2. Mentors should be ready to attend / coordinate programs on week days / holidays.
  3. Mentors should create a working plan to present among the IEDC team on monthly basis / weekly basis.

Proposed strategy for team up.

It is highly recommended to form a technically aspirant team of students from all branches and batches of MEA Engineering College. This team may include technical experts or professionals to the following fields:

  1. Documentation Expert (Language Skill Required)
  2. Artist / Cartoonist / Illustrator / Painter
  3. Professional Photographer
  4. Photoshop Designing
  5. Adobe Illustrator Expert
  6. Adobe In design Expert
  7. Adobe Premium Expert (Professional Video Editor)
  8. Linux Expert
  9. Ethical Hacker
  10. Desktop Troubleshooter
  11. Network Expert
  12. CAD Design Expert
  13. Interior Designer expert
  14. Architect
  15. Automobile Expert
  16. Hand Crafter / Welding Expert
  17. Android App Development
  18. Web Development
  19. Embedded Programmer
  20. Circuit Designer
  21. IoT Expert
  22. Raspberry Pi Expert
  23. PhP Programmer
  24. Python Programmer
  25. Java Programmer