MEA Engineering College, Perinthalmanna


MEA Engineering College is committed to providing a safe, fair and harmonious learning and work environment.  Grievance Redressal Cell was set up at our Institution in accordance with the AICTE Regulation Act 1987(AICTENotification F.No. 37-3/legal 2012 dated 25/05/2012 and Notification of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Thiruvanathapuram and University Grants Commission regulations 2012 (The Gazette of India, March 23-29, 2013), for handling day-to-day grievances related to students, parents.

Grievance Redressal Cell facilitates the resolution of grievances in a fair and impartial manner involving the respective Department /Institute(dealing with the substantive function connected with the grievance), maintaining necessary confidentiality, as the case may be. Any stakeholder with a genuine grievance may approach Grievance Redressal Cell to submit his/her grievance in the prescribed Application form writing or send through e-mail..

Our Institution, MEA Engineering College has decided to provide Good mechanism to the students for redressal of their grievances with regard to their complaints on academic and non-academic matters, grievances related to assessment, victimization, attendance, charging of fees, conducting of examinations, harassment by colleague students or teachers etc. There are Grievance Redressal Committees at the Programme (B.Tech/M.Tech) level and Institute level committee to deal with the grievances of the students. The details of these committees are furnished below:


  •  To ensure a fair, impartial and consistent mechanism for redressal of varied issues faced by the stakeholders;
  • To uphold the dignity of the Institution by promoting cordial Student-Student relationship, Student-teacher relationship, teacher-teacher relationship;
  • To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the stakeholders, thereby maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the College campus;
  • To ensure that grievances are resolved promptly, objectively and with sensitivity and in complete confidentiality;
  • To ensure that the views of each grievant and respondent are respected and that any party to a grievance is neither discriminated against nor victimized;
  • To advise stakeholders to respect the right and dignity of one another, and not to behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason


Students’ Grievance Redressal Committee (SG&RC) is functioning in our Institution in the main Block k with Mr.Sadiquali.AHoD DMS as the NODAL OFFICER (General Convener). Students having any Grievance on Academic matters may contact the General convener in person or drop a Grievant Information Form  in the GRIEVANCE BOXelaborating your grievance or submit your grievance online through  e-mail your grievance to the email: students [email protected] Your grievance will be redressed as earlier as possible based on the nature of the issue.

Chairman                   : Principal

Nodal Officer            :Mr.Sadiquali A. Head DMS

Institute Level committee

Chairman:  Principal


  1. HoD ECE HoD CSE
  2. HoD CE HoD EEE
  3. HoD IT HoD ME
  4. HoD DMS HoD S&H
  5. HoD CSE
  6. HoD EEE
  7. HoD ME
  8. HoD S&H

Two nominated Members (Nominated by the Principal)

 Department Level committee

Chairman: HoD

Three nominated Members (Nominated by HoD):


The students are the main stakeholders in any institution imparting education, and it is our Endeavour to make all efforts to ensure transparency in all the activities at different stages. Taking this spirit in consideration the College has decided to provide mechanism to students for redressal of their grievances as under.

The Grievances may broadly include the following complaints of the aggrieved students

  • Academic
  • Non-Academic
  • Grievance related to Assessment
  • Grievance related to Victimization
  • Grievance related to Attendance
  • Grievance related to charging of fees
  • Grievance regarding conducting of Examinations
  • Harassment by colleague students or the teachers etc.

There will be Grievance Redressal Committees at the Department/Institutes/Universitylevel to deal with the grievances of the students:


ACADEMIC RELATED ISSUESAdmissions, Examinations, Assessments, Evaluation, Library facilities, Issuance of certificates, Research related issues, etc.

 Award of non-academic credits, Physical Education,

AMENITIES & MAINTENANCEHostel facilities –Allocation of rooms, Standard of meal, Wi-fi internet connectivity, Utility-stores, Computer facilities, Drinking water , Sanitation & hygiene, Maintenance,   etc.

PLACEMENTS & INTERNSHIPS On-campus or off-campus interviews, soft skills training, Internships, etc.

GENERAL ADMINSTRATION: Students’ ID cards, Scholarships, HR related issues, Transportation.

OTHER RELATED ISSUESSafety & Security, Discipline, Misbehaviours, Emergency services etc.


  1. An aggrieved student who has the Grievance or Grievances at the (B.Tech/M.Tech) Department level shall submit an application first to the NODAL OFFICER (General Convener)SG&RC .The Nodal officer has to verify the Grievant information given by the applicant and according to the Grievance level, first forward the form to the concerned Department level Committee. TheChairman of the Department level Committee,after verifying the facts will try to redress the grievance within a reasonable time, preferably within a week of the receipt of application from the Nodal Officer. If the student is not satisfied with the verdict or solution of the Department level Committee, then the same should be placed before the (B.Tech /M.Tech) Institute level Committee.
  2. If the student is not satisfied with the decision of (B.Tech /M.Tech ) Department  level committee, he/she can submit an appeal to the Institute level Committee within a week from the date of the receipt of the reply from the Department level Committee, by addressing to the Principal and copy to Administrative Manager.
  3. The Head of Institute (Principal And Chairman of the Institute level Committee), after verifying the facts, papers concerned and after discussion with the Department level committee will place the matter before the Institute level committee which shall either endorse the decision of the Department level Committee or shall pass appropriate order in the best possible manner within a reasonable time, preferably within 10 days of receipt of application.
  4. If the student is not satisfied with the redressal offered by the Institute level committee and feel that his/her Grievance is not redressed, he/she can submit an appeal to the University level committee within a week from the date of receipt of decision with the relevant details, by addressing to the Chief Operating Officer , University level Committee.
  5. The University level committee would consider the appeal of the student and make appropriate recommendations to Vice Chancellor/Registrar/Controller of examinations/Students’ Dean within a reasonable time, preferably within 15 days. On approval by the Vice Chancellor/Registrar/Controller of examinations/Students’ Dean, the final decision would be communicated to the student through the Head of the Institute.
  6. The University level Committee, if needed, may recommend to the Vice Chancellor/Registrar/Controller of examinations/Students’ Dean   necessary corrective action as it may deem fit, to ensure avoidance of recurrence of similar grievance at any of the Institute under the University.
  7. While dealing with the complaint, the committee at all levels would observe law of natural justice and hear the complainant and concerned people.
  8. While passing an order on any Grievance at any level, the relevant provisions of Act/Regulations would be kept in mind and no such order would be passed in contradiction of the same.
  9. The student will submit the application of Grievance or appeal to the Institute level committee or University level committee, as the case may be, through the Department Level Committee Chairperson/Director of the Institute.