National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering – 2018 (NCAME ’18)

National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering – 2018 (NCAME ’18)

National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering – 2018 (NCAME ’18)

In the global competitive customer – centric scenario, the field of Mechanical Engineering is advancing at a rapid pace and new technologies are emerging in the areas of thermal, automobile, manufacturing, design, manufacturing and management. The challenges faced by today’s engineers are forcing them to keep abreast of the emerging trends through continuous research and development. NCAME 2018 is intended to provide a common platform to bring together the researchers, engineers, scientists, and scholars to exchange their experiences, new ideas, and outcomes of research about all aspects of Mechanical Engineering and also to discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The conference will include keynote address by eminent people in the field of Mechanical Engineering and technical paper presentation by the delegates.

Conference Themes

A. Thermal Engineering

Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Advanced IC Engine Technologies, Automobile Engineering, Combustion and Pollution Control, Thermal Power Plants, Fuel Cell Technology, Thermal Systems, Jet Propulsion, Turbo Machines, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Energy Conservation, Management & Audit, Conventional & Renewable Energy Sources, etc.

B. Design Engineering

EA/FEM, Tribology and Maintenance, Stress Analysis and Fracture Mechanics, Simulation & Modelling, Vibration and Noise Control, Non-linear Mechanical Systems, Dynamic Systems, Computational Mechanics, Mechatronics, etc.

C. Manufacturing

CAM/CIM/FMS, Group technology, e-manufacturing, Rapid prototyping, Non-Traditional Machining, Robotics, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Metal Cutting and Tool Design, Knowledge Management in Manufacturing, etc.

D. Materials Engineering

Composite Materials, Nano Composites, Behaviour of Advanced Materials, New and Smart Materials, Biomaterials, Fatigue and Fracture, Advanced Processing Techniques, etc.

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