“Many ways to get knowledge, Here is the prime one….”


8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Our Objective

The primary objective of libraries is to support the educational and research programs of the institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information. For this the central library and information centre is a placed in M.E.A Engineering College campus as a separate block of building with vast carpet area nearly 900 M2. The central library has a huge collection books, titles and prominent journals. Well qualified and experienced staffs are working here for managing the activities inside.

Current Stock details

  • Computer Science& Engg. and Information Technology : 5230
  • Mechanical Engineering         :       1390
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering         : 1770
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering : 3017
  • Civil Engineering                 : 921
  • Science and Humanities           : 4147
  • Others           : 1337

Other Resources

  • Journals and Periodicals           : 73
  • Bound volumes of journals and periodicals : 360
  • Main project reports            :  613
Major Facilities
  • Fully computerized with Barcode.
  • Reference hall with an area of 400 M2.
  • Internet browsing facility within the reference hall.
  • A massive collection of digital data in the form of CDs/DVDs.
  • Convenient working time for both students and faculties(8 a.m to 6 p.m)