Brief About

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication was established during the year 2002 with the aim of providing the students developed technologies in the field of Electronics and Communication as the global scene is exposed to new vistas of emerging technologies, especially in VLSI ,Micro processors and controllers, Embedded systems, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems etc. The 21st century is a century of knowledge and Technological shifts. The paradigm shift in technology is the growing need of learners in the 21st century. Hence the management of MEA Engineering college has rightly decided to expose the rapid advances in Electronics & Communication, the society today is made to acquaint.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, since its inception, has steadily progressed with several achievements to its credit. With its dedicated faculty & sophisticated facilities, it has established quality standards in imparting technical education to the budding Engineers

Along with its lively support to the students, the department also encourages the staff members in pursuing their higher education. Faculty members are being sponsored for attending various seminars, induction programmes & workshops held at other institutions.

The Department is capable of offering subjects like Embedded System Design, Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI, Image Processing, etc along with other core subjects.

The DEPT Association ‘MEXA’ was formed in 2008. Under its banner several technical programmes have been conducted.The Department of Electronics and Communication is well equipped with all the infrastructure facilities in terms of classrooms, Labs, workshops, Library etc. as required by the university norms.

Dr Abdul Majeed K.K.

Professor & Head

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
+91 9895944693

Programs Offered

Programme Educational Objectives(PEO): B. Tech – ECE

Programme Educational Objectives(PEO): M. Tech – Communication Engineering

Vision & Mission


To facilitate young Engineers to acquire technical exposure in the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering and develop human, social and intellectual qualities necessary for the successful practice of the profession.


  • To impart high quality engineering education in electronics and communication for the students
  • To provide relevant Technical and Professional education that prepares students to lead their lives with Personal Integrity, Professional Ethics, and Civic Responsibility in a Global Society